Friday, April 1, 2011

This is what we are up agianst... I think it is time to speak out and "try" to educate him about these programs. Emails anyone....

Suder introduces legislation to keep dangerous criminals behind bars

Madison (Press Release) – Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford) introduced legislation Wednesday that would repeal former Governor Jim Doyle's dangerous and controversial Early Release program.
"This legislation will make Wisconsin a safer place to live and work by eliminating a program that makes Wisconsin a safer place to commit crime," said Suder. 
The program allows drunk drivers, drug dealers, identity thieves and other criminals to significantly reduce their sentences through good behavior by appealing to hand-picked political appointees and government bureaucrats—not judges, prosecutors or law enforcement officials.
"Since its inception, I have argued against this short-sighted and risky program because it circumvents the rule of law and puts dangerous criminals back on the street," said Suder.  "If we fail to hold criminals accountable for their heinous acts, what kind of message does that send to would-be offenders and the community at large?"
The Doyle Administration implemented the failed program in the last state budget under the guise of saving Wisconsin money.  Almost two years later, there have been no credible numbers that prove the program has saved taxpayers what Doyle promised.  
"The only thing Early Release has succeeded in doing is making our streets more dangerous, and I would argue that you cannot put a price on the safety of Wisconsin's citizens," said Suder.

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