Sunday, April 3, 2011

GPS - A feel good law

This is a video that shows what legislators really think. If they place a GPS on every offender we will stop crime, anyone that is informed on sexual offenders know that 90+% of sexual assaults are committed by persons that have never been caught! Informed persons also know that persons with sexual based crimes do not usally comitte other crimes of the same nature. Most studies show that a person that goes to prison for a sexually based crime that recive meaninful treatment do not comitte another crime. Most studies show that recidivism rates of sexual offenders is around 2.5%. So why do we as a state and country push for all of these regulations on sex offenders, simple, it sells and it gets the votes. It gets the votes because of media and polititions keep telling the general population that this class of offenders will comitte more crimes, when in all reality, this is not true. But it this sells, and gets votes.

So, in all reality, what does GPS really do? It shows the location of the offender (when the system works properly). Is that what the general public really needs to know? The answer is no, in the perfect world probation and parole officers want to know what the offender is doing, who they are with, and what they are doing with said people! GPS for this class of offender sounds wounderful on paper, but what does it really do to protect the community?

So before we can do something to change this for this class of offender and stop violating there rights, we need to educate the people that make these laws. Then we need to speak out and educate the general public. Once we do this we can find good ways to stop the vicimization, and help the victims, the offenders, and there family and friends to make this country a better place. Until we are able to do this, the states and the federal systems will continue to spend countless billions of dollars on laws and programs that do nothing to stop further victimization.

As you see on the video, there is a lot of education to be done. Until we can change the minds of the people that are in office, they will continue to believer that every sex offender will be released from custody and will recommitte crimes!    This video tells the truth! check him out,    his website is

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