Monday, April 11, 2011

Joys of GPS

It is lovely when you get ready to leave a store and come back home. I sat in the parking lot of the local wal-mart for almost 20 minutes because they wounderful "high tech" piece of equipment did not work. It is pretty bad when the company that provides wisconsin with the equipment posts a list of things on there website that states the defects with it.

The state of wisconsin really needs to take a serious look at this system, there are people, like me, that need to deal with these types of issues every day of there life unless meaninful change is made to the current statue. I would challenge anyone, especially a legislator that made these laws to spend a week with one of these on, and to walk a mile in my shoes. If they are able to do this, and not have any issues with it, I will shut my mouth and you won't hear from me about this agian. I know that would not happen!

Five million for this program this year, yeah money well spent!!!!!

There is a need for change, and the time for change is NOW!!!!


  1. We have been dealing with similar issues... the GPS doesn't work correctly, he goes to jail. Over New Years, he was not allowed to leave the house because "the police have too much work to do those couple of days". If the P.O. "forgets" to set up an inclusion zone, he goes to jail...

    1. Most holidays most sex offenders seem to be locked down for one reason or another...