Friday, March 25, 2011

re-entry progams

The following is a intresting article that talks about re-entry programs for offenders being released from prison and shows what are the most important things needed for a successful reintergration back into the community after release from an institution.

I am currently working on creating a data base of programs and organizations that will help RSO's in this process. If you know of any programs that might help us, please let me know. I will need the name of the orgamization, how they help, and an email and possibly a contact name that i can email and see if they would be willing to be added to out list. I would like to get a big list with anything that will help RSO's reintergrate. The programs are out there, we just need to find all of them.  make a post or send an email, your help would be greatly appreciated on this.

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