Tuesday, March 22, 2011

facts of sexual offenders

The “Stranger
Danger” Myth
In 93% of child sexual abuse
cases, the child knows the person
who commits the abuse. Only 7%
are strangers and as many as 47%
are family or extended family.
(National Sex Offender Public Website,
US Department of Justice)

of new sex offenses
are committed by
someone NOT
already on a sex
offender registry.
(Bureau of Justice
Statistics, 2006)

Number of states that provide enough information on
online registries for the public to be able to interpret
the charge and the age of both the registrant and the
victim. (Justice Policy Institute)

Adam Walsh Act Fact
Reclassification of sex offenders is based solely
on the offense of conviction. One’s likelihood
to re-offend will no longer be considered. In
Ohio, highest-risk offenders (sexual predators)
went from 18% to 54% after being reclassified
as Tier III offenders under the AWA; Sheriffs’
workloads estimated to increase by 60%.
(Ohio Public Defender’s Office)

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